About Jesus Storehouse House of Prayer 

Jesus Storehouse House of Prayer began in January 2000 and meets regularly on Saturday evenings. The thrust of this ministry is in Worship & Intercession, and the Lord has never failed to leave His burdens in our hearts to pray.

We believe our role is to establish God’s kingdom on earth by drawing down heaven’s plans and purposes. God has given us the keys of the Kingdom, and with His revelation, we lock and unlock the doors of heaven; Calling forth into being by faith His will on earth. We have been blessed many times to witness God’s mighty hand and we invite you to join us to pray.

We Pray:

  1. We speak to the Moses' of today (Leaders) of the Church to Arise and raise up the Joshua's of their time
  2. To the Joshua's of today we affirm your leadership to lead the people to the promise land (fulfilled life in Christ)
  3. We challenge the people of God to be strong and courageous, take up their rightful position designated to them and begin to infiltrate their sphere of influence with the glory of God (abundant life)
  4. We silence every enemy that opposes this work In the Name of Jesus and call forth angels to surround and protect the Lord's army as we sow the seed (gospel) of God's eternal kingdom
  5. We declare that now is the season for the harvest and we pray to the Lord to send Laborers to the harvest field, lest the lost perishes before we get to them.
  6. We ask the Holy Spirit to tug at the hearts of every believer to rise up and pray