Ps Daniel Pradhana @ JSH - Jul 25 2012

We thank God for the awesome reminder for us to press on, and fulfill every plan that He has shown us. We were told to look at what we have in our hands, offer to God for His blessings, received the blessed offering and go out and apply it. And we will see His Glory and Grace and Power manifest as we step our in faith and boldness. Thanks you Ps Daniel for being God's voice to us. Agape

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JSH Occupy & Build Chile - March 2012

Bro Tf & Bro Tan went to Chile for the second time to meet with Rev Miguel and Bro Victor. New works and plans are on the way, thanks be to God.

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JSH OCCUPY & BUILD Phillipines, Pampanga - April 3 - 9 2012

We thank God for leading us to Occupy Pampanga to reach out to the villages in Lara and the people in the dump site. About 100 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and God linked us with a Church that will nurture them. To God be the glory

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Christmas @ Eunos Crescent - Dec 18 2011

Jesus Storehouse partnered with The Going Church to celebrate Christmas with the residents of Blk 33.

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Christmas @ Katong Community Centre - Dec 17 2011

Jesus Storehouse partnered with Breadline and Katong CC led by MP Lim Biow Chuan

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2nd JSH Worship Intercession & Prayer Night - Nov 30 2011

We thank God for giving us His assurance that these are indeed the last days and that we already have the VICTORY in Christ and the battle is the Lord's.

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1st JSH Worship, Intercession & Prayer Night - Aug 31 2011

We thank God for listening to our prayers and giving us the assurance that our Breakthrough is just around the corner

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JSH Restoration Work in Chile - Since Oct 2011

Partnership with Chilean Companies assigned by the Government to build low cost housing for earthquake victims

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MAY 30 - JUNE 7 2011

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Rev Escobar, Irene, Sasha, Pat and Vernon on a evangelistic mission to revive

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Rev Miguel Escobar taught us about revival from the heart

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