About Jesus Storehouse

Jesus Storehouse is a ministry of helps, called to equip believers to infiltrate, occupy and build God's Kingdom throughout the nations.









* We believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

* We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him

* We believe that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, less any man should boast

* We believe that the Holy Spirit is in us, and is helping us to live the abundant life in Christ


* Equip and nurture the lives of men and women to become Kingdom Builders

* Release these kingdom builders to lead, demonstrate the power of God and help others grow in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit

* Stand for deep prophetic worship and authentic worshipful lifestyles

* Pray to establish God's kingdom on earth and also to raise up prayer warriors with the voice to intercede, petition, make declarations, pronouncing decrees and governmental prayers

* Evangelize and minister to the lost in the working community and disciple them to maturity

* Train and equip our members to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ

* Build homes and lives through kingdom businesses, often right where they live

* Pioneer Churches, Mission Schools, and plant Jesus Storehouse Bases for Kingdom infiltration and occupation

* Incorporate kingdom business enterprises globally to finance the end time work of God


Jesus Storehouse is a member of the ISAAC Network – www.jonathan-david.org/isaac-network/


Listed below are some of the other objectives of the ministry:

Prayer & Intercession
To have a  group of Spirit led believers with a burden for prayer and intercession. 

Training & Trainers
To conduct specific courses and training for JSH members and other interested believers, and to develop a team of trainers to facilitate courses that will help believers discover, deepen and dream in their calling.
In 2014 we will teach on this Kingdom Mandate;  "Building Into The Bride The Architecture For The Final Glory".
In 2015 we will equip, empower and raise up Kingdom Builders, Leaders to spearhead new assignments locally and abroad. "Broadening Boundaries and Strengthening Bases."
In 2016 Jesus Storehouse will continue to build upon the vision of 2015: to Strengthen our Bases and Broaden our Boundaries. We can only build as high and wide as the depth and strength of our foundations. And in this instance our foundation is in our love and faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We sense the urgency to advance God's kingdom, and the great grace upon us to build.
Members of Jesus Storehouse are growing in stature, and through the revelation of His Blueprints, becoming more and more aware and equipped in their calling as Kingdom Builders. Year 2016 is truly an exiting year where God is calling His Builders to arise and be His Mouthpiece, His Wells, His Arrows and His Pillars.
In 2017 God is going to release Great Grace to supernaturally bring down strongholds, mountains that the enemy has erected over the years to prevent the people of God from breaking through into their calling. (Zec 4:6-7)
Jesus Storehouse will continue to develop and extend the works of her bases in Singapore, Philippines and also to infiltrate deeper into Myanmar through Teaching, Strengthening and Resourcing the mainline Churches and village House Churches.
We will concentrate on training Leaders on the dynamics and dimensions of the Apostolic. We will also teach on Prayer, Worship, Biblical Parenting and modeling Kingdom Business.
God reminds us that we are like the first fruits of the olive tree, and will give off much to the advancement of the kingdom, this year we will see an acceleration of spiritual maturity and fervor among the saints to infiltrate, occupy and build God's kingdom in the midst of increasing oppositions.
We are indeed living in exciting and glorious times, where God will be a Wall of  Fire that surrounds us, and His glory will shine in, through and among us. (Zec 2:5)  Hallelujah!!!!
The Lord has added in June 2017 a new grace to the Kingdom Builders, and that is the Samuel's anointing, the Governing Grace, we will INFILTRATE the community with love, OCCUPY to bring Christ into the community, BUILD the community up spiritually and naturally, and from now onward, the GOVERNING Grace to steer the community accurately according to the patterns given to us by God.
Wisdom will flow from the Throne Room , Favor will flow from the Upper Room, Courage will flow from the Class Room to every household …. upright man and woman will come from every where to the community … the Samuel's,  the David's, the Paul's and the Mary's, the Deborah's , the Esther's….. to build God's Kingdom together. It will be a very exciting 2nd half of 2017.


B4B – Kingdom Business Enterprise
To extend and expand God's kingdom business enterprise so as to finance the end time work of transforming lives and touching nations.

To plant and build apostolic churches with ministries who have a vision to infiltrate the world with the Life and Light of God.




Eddy Ooi, Linda Leong, Lynn Puar

Robert and Amy Angeles, Tan Swee Lim


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